[CC-Hungary] Did Producer Timbaland Steal From the Demoscene?

Ákos Maróy darkeye at tyrell.hu
2007. Jan. 14., V, 11:41:20 CET

In 2000 the Finnish demoscene musician Janne Suni (also known as
'Tempest') won the Oldskool Music Competition at the Assembly demoparty
with his four-channel Amiga .MOD entitled 'Acid Jazzed Evening.' A
Commodore 64 musician called 'grg' remade the song on the C64 (using the
infamous SID soundchip); it is this that was stolen. The producer's name
is Timbaland and he is one of the hottest names in American music these
days. The track in question is called 'Do it' and it is featured on the
Nelly Furtado album 'Loose' on the Geffen label. Getting nowhere with
Geffen, the demoscene has now risen to the aid of Tempest, first by
creating a stir at SomethingAwful (files downloadable from the forum),
then at Digg.com, then on YouTube, with a video demonstrating the
blatant ripoff. Being an online-posting musician myself — what rights do
I have if this should ever happen to me, and what can be done to raise
awareness about such things?


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